RC Electronics For Noobs

one easy way to make an airplane:

Ed’s folded foam board “armin Wing”:

How to solder stuff

how to choose power system

Info about motors

Info about ESC

Info about Battery

Info about Servos

Info about Radios


Radio System:

– Feature packed budget starter:

– My all time favorite:
– 8Channel Rx:
– Small SBus Rx for race quads etc:

– 5 Basic 9g Servos:

– Super Cheap 30a/1000kv ESC/MOTOR:

– 10×4.7 Propeller:

– 2200 3s Battery:


Simple and cheap but probably not crap:

Mid Range Weller Station:

My Favorite Hakko High End Station:

60/40 Rosin Core Solder:
(I do not reccomend lead free solder)

Extra Tube of Rosin is always nice:

Desoldering Braid is good to have around:

Helping hands are also wonderful:

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32 thoughts on “RC Electronics For Noobs

  1. Rudy Bharatt

    Hello I have a rc ย excavator how do I use the pitch control on the hydraulic pump instead of the on off switch can you please help I have flysky radio.

  2. satendra singh tripathi

    i have A2212 13T 1000KV BLDC motor and 30A ESC(3A BEC) and suggests me best battery for quad copter

  3. Armanul haque Emon

    The easiest thing to do aii l am bangladeshi please buy me a plane and l want to make the.my number 01882277356.please call me

  4. Garrett P.

    I love the Traxxis 1/16 scale e-revo lol I actually have a terribly shot and almost unwatchable video of it hitting some small jumps and other things with it

  5. ChristIan Greene


    My mate and I are hoping to start designing and flying our own basic RC foam aircraft. Living in the UK, would you have any ideas on where to begin in the construction of a basic model? – We’ve been watching a lot of your experimental videos and are very impressed with the quality of your skill in design and explanations. Would it be possible to tell us in slightly more detail on how to start?

    Many thanks.

  6. Carlos Barreto

    Hey Samm, great video! I am completely noob and I am looking to build my first quad (probably you remember a recent comment on thingiverse) I was looking through different transmitters and the frsky taranis is too much for my budget, and the FlySky looks a bit poor in quality?? anyway, I found also the turnigy 9xr, would you recommend it? or do you think I will be fine with the cheap flysky? Thanks

  7. mrtannzr

    I have a question: how do flying wing/delta wing servos work out. how do the servos recive information from two channels simultaneously? I’ve been researching these designs as I want to get back into the hobby but I haven’t seen anything about this yet.

  8. dixit rathva

    for last some days i was adicted for rc cars,plane ,drone etc
    i want to make my own rc things ,and i dont know about rc basics
    so can you help me ,and teach me to how to make
    my facebook id -Dixit Rathva


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