Quick And Easy Dollar Store Electronics Hack: Cube Farm Holiday Sunshine

Fun little project using cheap-ass crap from the dollar store.

If you’d like to check out some of the longer term projects we’ve got on the go:

25 thoughts on “Quick And Easy Dollar Store Electronics Hack: Cube Farm Holiday Sunshine

  1. Greg Gallacci

    As each of my daughters reached age 10, I taught them soldering, wire stripping, shrinkie-dinks, plus and minus screwdrivers and the resistor color-code.
    Bad Boys Race Our Young Girls, But Violet Gracefully Wins.
    I know the other version, but daughters, you know?

  2. spence brooks

    this years my grade twelve and all i have for classes is machining welding automotive and English in revelstoke our 3 shop classes that i took are all taught by one guy and hes one hell of a teach

  3. ugn669

    Ooo! I actually have one of these things stuck on a wall, been hangin there for years with a dead battery. It’s a bit fancier though – has a remote control on/off button… now seeing this vid is givin me ideas, could do all sorts of remote “fun” with this thing!

  4. TropicalPriest

    If you like this kind of thing, and are just taking your first steps into electronics. Take a look at the excellent book. Make: Electronics (Learning Through Discovery). You need a little extra change to get started buying tools and big bags of caps, and things like that. But, it’s an awesome place to get started from, and it’s written by a well-established contributor to Make and EE. Again, if you’re starting out, and want that hands on approach, he’s talking about in the video, give it a try. They also have a second book in the series geared towards more intermediate circuit fuckers.

  5. Wilfred Swinkels

    learn 1 dutch word and you get Cathode, kort and kort means short 😛 works with electrolitic capacitors also. (if you are SO blind that you can’t find the Big minus sign on the plastic.)


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