Party Lighting

This video is pretty dated, but it’s an example of overkill at its best. For a while I wanted to film some of my lights in action and finally managed to get around to it. I basically chucked as many lights as I feasibly could into one room to see what would happen. Unfortunately everything’s on stock settings because I hadn’t invested in controlling software at that point. Since posting this I’ve upgraded a lot of fixtures and switched to using wireless controllers, which also eliminates the flashing of some fixtures on startup. More and more lights come into play as time goes on until eventually it’s complete chaos and nothing makes sense. I try to work in symmetry wherever possible. I’ll get around to posting an updated version soon. Hope you enjoy anyway! 🙂

Lights used:
2x ADJ Quad Gem
2x ADJ Quad Phase
2x ADJ Fun Factor
2x ADJ Sunray Tri LED
1x ADJ Aggressor

2x LightEmotion UV LED
2x LightEmotion Quark RBP
2x LightEmotion Thunderbolt Blue
2x LightEmotion Mini Laser RB
1x LightEmotion Gemini RG

1x ADJ Dual Gem
1x Dune Moonstar
1x Rave Green Laser
2x Rave Par Strobe
1x FX Curtain (3m x2m)

Malfankson – Fret Noise (Original Mix)