Baby Dolls Electronic Nursery Center – Baby Annabell Lil Cutesies Syringe Injection Taking Medicine

Let’s Play Smoby Baby Nurse Electronic Nursery with Baby Annabell, Lil cutesies and their friends !

LittleBits Brings Open-Source Electronics Home

littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir dropped by with some demo units of the newest kits soon to be launched as well as a sneak peek at some new bits like a wireless transmitter + receiver and the number bit. littleBits are color-coded components. Think motors and lights and buzzers and sensors and batteries that can be snapped together (thanks to magnetic connectors) to create honest-to-goodness circuits and systems. The beauty of these little things though is that they require precisely zero expertise, and encourage blind experimentation.

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In this vlog i visited chor bazar(electronics market) for finding some intresting items.
watch full video for better information about different items.

ADDRESS- chor bazar,chandni chawk,
in front jama masjid, opposite to red fort.
nearby metro- chandni chawk metro station


chandni chawk
nehru place
sarojini nagar
palika bazar
pure leather jacket market
and many more on my channel.




EveryCircuit is a web and mobile app for EE students and circuit enthusiasts. Its interactive visual circuit simulation is great for understanding how circuits work and for quick prototyping of design ideas. And it has a huge online repository of educational and practical circuits designed by EveryCircuit community.


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I don’t own any of these clips on the video πŸ™‚
If you have enjoyed this video please hit that like button and peace πŸ˜€

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Electronics – 555 Timer, A Microchip Project

This video demonstrates constructing a basic circuit with a common integrated circuit/microchip, the 555 timer. This versatile device can be configured to control servo motors, create music or support many functions controlled by pulses. The video introduces pin numbering conventions for DIP devices and demonstrates reading a simple circuit diagram.

Top 5 Simple Electronics Projects That Anyone Could Try!

Hi Guys! Are you an electronics enthusiast such as my self? Then try this free simple electronics projects that you could easily do at home. These are just some of the best electronics projects you can read at my book. You can download my project book through the link below.

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I hope you like my collection guys. These are just some of the projects you can try to look at Elec-Geek. There are still a lot of simple electronics projects you can find there. What are you waiting for? Grab them all now for free! Thanks guys!

Quick And Easy Dollar Store Electronics Hack: Cube Farm Holiday Sunshine

Fun little project using cheap-ass crap from the dollar store.

If you’d like to check out some of the longer term projects we’ve got on the go:

Mind Blowing Arduino Puzzle Box (with Electronics)

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This puzzle box uses an arduino as mechanism. a few different sensors, buttons and lights will make sure nobody will be able to open this box. In order to open this box you first have to hold the box at a distance of 100 to 110 centimeters above a wall. then you’ll have to reflect a laser on a sensor. Than you’ll have to cover two light sensors. as last you’ll have to whistle a specific tone after that you’ll only have to push a button and a small motor will open the box.

mind blowing arduino puzzle box (with electronics)

this box is really hard to open, and it’s quite complicated

Electronic – Getting Away With It

Music video by Electronic performing Getting Away With It.