Mind Blowing Arduino Puzzle Box (with Electronics)

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This puzzle box uses an arduino as mechanism. a few different sensors, buttons and lights will make sure nobody will be able to open this box. In order to open this box you first have to hold the box at a distance of 100 to 110 centimeters above a wall. then you’ll have to reflect a laser on a sensor. Than you’ll have to cover two light sensors. as last you’ll have to whistle a specific tone after that you’ll only have to push a button and a small motor will open the box.

mind blowing arduino puzzle box (with electronics)

this box is really hard to open, and it’s quite complicated

38 thoughts on “Mind Blowing Arduino Puzzle Box (with Electronics)

  1. Jorgga

    There is a way to prevent cheating the laser. I was playing with same kind of idea about laser gate alarm some years ago. Either flash your laser at certain timing, for example 2ms on, 2ms off and check that the sensor is lit when laser is on and sensor is unlit when laser is off. This already makes it harder to cheat because you can detect it. Or even better have it work random. Pick on and off times between 1ms to 5ms.

  2. Håkon Nessjøen

    One big flaw though 🙂 This would be easy to “hack” by reprogramming the arduino with the usb cable, since you have connected it directly to the arduino ;P

  3. Matt Fredres

    Hey bro nice job on your video I think you did a really awesome job on that and also what’s that box much you made like you said you have to go through all those techniques it won’t open until you go through them

  4. ScyberPsylock

    Puzzle boxes are nice, but with no goal or mystery all they become are boxes with blinking lights and parts that move. No one would figure these out without some form of riddle for each step. Even a comic book with hidden words and riddles would make these more fun to open.

  5. Ryan Thompson

    I get mad when I can’t open a bag of cereal without ripping it. One of these boxes wouldn’t last 24 hours in my house lol

  6. darek backman

    why dont you sell some of your boxes i would’nt mind a few of them unless im thinking of a different channel not sure i watch allot of youtube sometimes


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