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34 thoughts on “Logic Gates – An Introduction To Digital Electronics – PyroEDU

  1. Shaurya Chawla

    If you’re a noobie, it takes about 15 mins. to understand, which is great! 🙂
    Thanks for this.

  2. Saroj Manandhar

    hi guys, the best results that i’ve had was by using the Gregs Electro Blog (i found it on google) definately the most useful info i’ve followed.

  3. Igor Petrusevski

    I’ve been studying circuits and discovered a great website at Gregs Electro Blog (google it if you are interested)

  4. Jaultaub

    so fu***** helpful, I can’t even! I love the experiment part shows exactly how I can use them in my project thanks!! thumbs way up!!

  5. gayan kavinda

    Hey everyone, the greatest results that ive had was by following the Gregs Electro Blog (just google it) definately the most helpful course i’ve tried.

  6. g.a.m. sowjanya

    I have a 7905 regulator instead of 7805 i.e. a -5v regulator. Can I just replace grnd by this regulator and give the grnd connection to the +5v pin of IC? In that way the +5v pin will still have a higher voltage.

  7. R. Susannah

    Great stuff. I’m doing course on this without a maths background, we had the intro to Boolean logic today and our first labs tomorrow morning! This has helped clarify the connection between logical and circuitry and helped prepare me 🙂 thanks!

  8. Eduard Voicu

    Why you don’;t need a pull down resistor for the inputs? If I don’t use a
    pulldown resistor for the inputs, the output has unexpected results.
    Thank you.

  9. Zay Ya

    Is there microprocessor videos? Or micro controller is the same ? I going to major in EE and i have learned this and I’m moving on to microprocessor and more but I wants get a head start so i won’t struggle in class. The video is great and it refresh my memories a lots. Thanks

  10. Georg Mierau

    In general, is it a good idea to use HC family for similar circuits with LEDs? The specs are saying “±4 mA Output Drive at 5V”.

  11. Kris C

    Used it for coding and now digital electronics… Never thought learning how to build circuits on Minecraft would be so useful HAHAHAHAHA

  12. XBionicMC

    i set the circuit up identically, but i always seem to get zero as an output, regardless if the input is high or low


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