LittleBits Brings Open-Source Electronics Home

littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir dropped by with some demo units of the newest kits soon to be launched as well as a sneak peek at some new bits like a wireless transmitter + receiver and the number bit. littleBits are color-coded components. Think motors and lights and buzzers and sensors and batteries that can be snapped together (thanks to magnetic connectors) to create honest-to-goodness circuits and systems. The beauty of these little things though is that they require precisely zero expertise, and encourage blind experimentation.

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24 thoughts on “LittleBits Brings Open-Source Electronics Home

  1. Zero necker

    The new but that display the numbers can be useful in my brother’s custom back to the future DeLorean, it is so simulator

  2. intriq8

    A bit too anti-knowledge. The only thing this teaches is magnetism. Basic electronics is already easy, PPL. its already like lego. Solderless breadboards are super easy and way better than this.  If you don’t have to manually connect some wires, at what point are you thinking about whats happening electrically, and learning something?
    Bad product, at least in terms of education. Doesn’t really do artists any favours either,unless they’re stupid rich.

  3. stabgod

    In my opinion, people typically don’t pursue electronics because of three factors: difficulty, danger, and cost. I really like this concept because it makes things easy and safe. I truly hope the product succeeds and the company does well, but they really have to bring the price down. These kits are extremely expensive – too expensive in my opinion. Starter kit should sell for around $39 (instead of $80). Deluxe kit should sell for $99 (instead of $200).

    My son loves to watch me build stuff and always wants to join in the action, but I get nervous when he goes near a soldering iron or etching solution. This would be a great way for him to build stuff safely on his own… if it wasn’t for the cost.

  4. Ludemann Engineering

    Guys, you can think something without actually saying it. She’s a freakin’ MIT engineer. Have some respect.

  5. vistast1300

    So nice electronic kit. Super idé to learn children and older persons like me about electronic. Nice information video. Like you both. Please continue the good work. From Sweden— Oderup.


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