Important Tips to Choose the Best Hot Water Heaters

When it is now the time to get hot water services, it’s important to do some research and choose the right one. A water heater is a big investment and therefore consulting with experts in getting the ideal unit is also essential. Here are some tips from your plumbing professionals to get you started on the right track in choosing a water heater for your home.

Select the best source of power: There are three different types of sources of energy to choose from when buying a hot water heater – electric, gas and solar. Electric and gas are the two most common, but some newer homes may be equipped with solar heaters. If you are just hot-water-brandsplanning on replacing the unit, you’ll need to know which power source you already have hooked up and go with that type of unit. You can’t hook up a gas water heater to an electric source or vice versa.

Know the Size You Need: Most homes have a 50-gallon hot water heater installed in them. This is enough to heat the water for a household of four to five people efficiently. If you’ve noticed that you go through hot water faster than the unit can provide, you may want to consider a larger unit when it comes time for a replacement. Your plumbing Baltimore professional can help you evaluate your hot water needs so you can choose the best unit for your household.

Check the Size: The physical size of the hot water heater is another important consideration. Most units are about the same size in diameter, but they might differ in heights. Most are between four and five feet tall, but you should measure the area where it needs to go to make sure you don’t get one that’s too big. Bring a tape measure to the plumbing fixtures store, too, so you can measure the units. You don’t want to come home with one that’s too big because they’re not easy to transport back and forth.

Consider a Tankless Heater: Tankless water heaters are gaining more and more popularity for several reasons. For one thing, they are small and compact. They are also more energy efficient because they only heat water on demand. That means that it’s not heating water that is just going to sit in the tank until you use it. By heating on demand, it heats the water as it flows through the unit. It can save money and frustration in the long run.

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