How To Solder Electronics Components – Video For Beginners

This video shows you how to solder electronics. Soldering is very easy and simple to learn, so this video is not too long. We have a webpage with full color hi-res images as well here:

You can find much more detail on the website.

This video is divided up into two parts. First, how to mount electronics to a circuit board and prepare them for soldering.

The second part shows you how to actually solder.

It really is quite easy. Practice and have fun with it.

The Do It Yourself World

27 thoughts on “How To Solder Electronics Components – Video For Beginners

  1. tommy doo

    hey my name is tommy and I was wondering what is your real name I just whated to know because I like your channel and I like what you are doing the off grid project so I was wondering and maybe you can subscribe me and I will subscribe you so yea thx for making more good videos for us and doing the off grid project thx

  2. The Do It Yourself World

    My name is Troy. When you have some videos up, then get back to me. Right now you dont have anything up there.

    Thanks for watching.

  3. Tesla Explorer

    come on dude, wheres the meshing and the tinning, thats why your tip looks like the cookie monster turned to eating copper.

  4. nonoyd

    the board that you  are using does it matter which side of the board you solder the parts?  i dont see any pads on the board, is that board a practice board type?

  5. dbkguy

    You missed a lot of stuff in your video. You don’t talk about the soldering iron itself and wattage. What about keeping the tip clean and tinning it. Then there is the solder and the different types. Cold solder joints. Etc. Nice try, but you can do better. I know you know this stuff. Thanks anyway.

  6. Slava Gerchicov

    how do you usually solder wires to a board? From the same side as other components or vice versa? The first way is more beautiful but the second one is faster and reuqires less space

  7. Alex Goody

    If you snip the pins after they’ve been soldered you can crack the solder joint, leading to failure down the line. Tack one pin with a spec of solder to hold it in place, then crop the pins and solder.

  8. nasdaqst1

    Thank you for posting this. I hadn’t soldered anything it a long time, and your video helped refresh my memory so I could reattach a component on a toy that was broken and now works.

  9. GrastTube

    this was actually a great video! i was soldering for the first time in my life and the simple tip of pressing the iron down while feeding lead made my solderings so much better


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