Electronics Housing Machining – DATRON High Speed Milling Machines

Visit for more info.The goal in producing this high-end electronics housing was to demonstrate the high level of milling quality that can be achieved within a short cycle time. DATRON parameters and tools were used for the milling process. The milling strategy included the use of the entire cutting length of tool no. 2, 26 mm long with Z infeed. Subsequently, a pocket with a 1 mm transverse feed is worked on dynamically. This approach ensures faster machining time and less tool wear than with a conventional milling strategy.

12 thoughts on “Electronics Housing Machining – DATRON High Speed Milling Machines

  1. The Essex Hunter

    Very cool, I did my time in the late 70’s on manual mills and was trying to work out the hrs to make that job on the Bridgeport mill I used !!

  2. Eco Mouse

    I will end up with something from Datron for my business. Even if it means being sponsored by them and making monthly videos. But something like this will tie in perfectly with building Electric Vehicles from scratch. Especially the hub motors, and other intricate parts that are typically low quality in EV import stuff. Or circuit boards… man, there are so many things that I could use this machine for… yeah, I’m getting one!
    Heck, even the fun small projects. Like I always thought it would be cool to take the probe and make a copy of something considered fancy, like the iPhone aluminum unibody, and then making an exact duplicate in titanium! This is the machine that can hold those tolerances, and do that! Be kind of an eye turner, to see my mouse logo on the back instead of an Apple.

  3. DarnThatDragon

    I stood and watched this and the long board demos for literally hours at IMTS and geeked right out. I still have one of these pieces sitting on my programming desk LOL.

  4. Cuthbert Nibbles

    I have no idea what that part is. Or what it is for. Or why I would need one.
    But after watching that, _I must have one._


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