Electronics – 555 Timer, A Microchip Project

This video demonstrates constructing a basic circuit with a common integrated circuit/microchip, the 555 timer. This versatile device can be configured to control servo motors, create music or support many functions controlled by pulses. The video introduces pin numbering conventions for DIP devices and demonstrates reading a simple circuit diagram.

18 thoughts on “Electronics – 555 Timer, A Microchip Project

  1. Vilibrato

    Oh man, these videos are good! Very well explained, so that someone(like me), who is not an electrician can understand it. Keep it up, and don’t slack on the wonderful detail 🙂

  2. Alienated29

    I have an old Atari that doesn’t work and I’ve been wondering what I can do with it. The microchips on it look similar to that but they’re a little longer.

  3. Joseph Morales

    can you put up a part list up it would be help full because i just starded things like this and this video was grate!!!!!! please respond A.S.A.P. thanks

  4. George Venn

    If you put a 100k reliable resistor 2 slots behind port 2 on in 555 so the back left pin is one in front of the capacitor, you can control the rate of the led’s flash. I will put a video on my Channel to show exactly where it is.


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