Electronic – Getting Away With It

Music video by Electronic performing Getting Away With It.

26 thoughts on “Electronic – Getting Away With It

  1. Original indie chick

    One of the best songs ever. The meeting of my 3 fave bands of the 80’s. I love Marr’s flamenco guitar solo (in his book he says he avoided guitar solos in the Smiths!

  2. Tommy

    one morning about 6 years ago i was driving the 25 mile trek from home to work and i was scanning the radio stations to find something to listen to other than talk radio, and i picked up a local university radio station and they were playing this song, and it actually made my day, i couldn’t get this song out of my head and wondered why i’ve never heard it before.

  3. Dara annette Bremner

    wow cant stop playing this .
    its a sure blast from the past.
    its a wicked sound i found on
    spotify and soundcloud too
    sure dont make music this anymore
    love you electronic

  4. georgethebear1812

    “hate that mirror it makes me feel so worthless” try telling that to the selfish selfless hopeless layabout selfie taking brats of today. this is the true meaning of good music from proberbly the best decade to have grown up in. Thankfull.

  5. Christoffer Nelson

    Barney is such an insecure teenage girl… I don’t think I’ve heard this in 25 years and now I remember why. I was such a huge Smiths fan, and loved Johnny with The The, but this?

    Don’t get me wrong, separately New Order, PSB and JM are all excellent, but this ‘super’ group really left me wanting.


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