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Monstercat – Best Of 2014 (Album Mix) [2 Hours Of Electronic Music]

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00:00 – Aero Chord – Surface
03:20 – Noisestorm – Breakdown VIP
06:36 – Grabbitz – Here With You Now
09:50 – Rootkit – Against The Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
13:00 – Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizaveta)
16:20 – Razihel – Skybreaker
21:20 – Au5 – Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter)
25:30 – Nitro Fun – New Game
28:55 – Case & Point – Savage
32:24 – Lets Be Friends – FTW
36:30 – Rogue – Atlantic
40:36 – SCNDL – The Munsta
43:55 – Mr FijiWiji – Believe Her (feat. Meron Ryan)
47:42 – Hellberg – This Is Forever (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
52:55 – Laszlo – Interstellar
56:00 – Puppet – Scribble (feat. The Eden Project)
58:53 – Vicetone – What I’ve Waited For (feat. D. Brown)
1:02:24 – Astronaut – Champions (feat. Harry Brooks JNR)
1:05:40 – Tut Tut Child – Hot Pursuit
1:09:50 – Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco – Anime Bae
1:13:00 – WRLD – Orbit (feat. Richard Caddock)
1:16:49 – Tristam – Once Again
1:20:32 – Stephen Walking – Top Of The World 2
1:24:04 – LVTHER – One Look (feat. Mammals)
1:28:34 – Rezonate – Canvas
1:34:15 – Varien – Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
1:36:34 – Haywyre – Everchanging
1:40:39 – Grant Bowtie – Reach
1:43:27 – Rameses B – We Love
1:47:40 – nanobii – Rainbow Road

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How To Solder Electronics Components – Video For Beginners

This video shows you how to solder electronics. Soldering is very easy and simple to learn, so this video is not too long. We have a webpage with full color hi-res images as well here:

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RC Electronics For Noobs

one easy way to make an airplane:

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How to solder stuff

how to choose power system

Info about motors

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Info about Battery

Info about Servos

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Breaking In A Power Supply (Overloading Electronics)

With a new power supply comes the tedious responsibility to ensure it’s up to the job. In this situation you could:

1. Undertake the boring, ordinary approach to load testing it…

or b) Ditch that and go straight to destructive testing.
Not to the PSU, but to anything else lying around.

The logic behind the latter option is simple. If the power supply survives where everything else is destroyed, it passes the test.
In other words, grab a bunch of components and stick them on the output.
(Be aware, some employers may not approve of this methodology.)

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Commix – Japanese Electronics

Commix – Japanese Electronics
on Call To Mind LP

Chor Bazaar – Delhi (Woodland Shoes, Luxurious Watches, Antiques & Electronics)

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